Entry #1

Username Change

2013-08-05 12:14:53 by Mr-Doodle

Hey guys, it's the user formally known as XXXRainbowXXX here! I changed my username to...Drum roll please.....Mr-Doodle!
Man, it's tough to go through with this shit. I was going to be Goatfeet, but that was already taken. Something came to me that I should change it, and Wade was very quick to oblige. Jonbro and Goat-Man are changing their names, so I figured it's time for a change myself! The planning out started around what I think was late in July, so now I'm here! I'm opening my new site for a public viewing sometime this year, so stick around! I'm going to start working on stuff, so before I did that something fell out of the sky into my head- I don't like XXXRainbowXXX. The X's are annoying to look at and type, and I'm sure there is already a rainbow.newgrounds.com. If your wondering what happened to my Clock Day post, I deleted it! I hope I can still be in Clock Day! Thanks for the support, peeps!

Username Change


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2013-08-05 14:11:56

Ok really.

Mr-Doodle responds:

It's better than Icebro. If your going to copy off of Jonbro AND Pogobro...


2013-08-06 15:42:48

How often do you use Stickpage?

Mr-Doodle responds:

I don't know what this has to do with my post, but I barely go on. When I do, it's only to play the games. You can send me a friend request if you want.