Man, school is close.

2013-08-10 23:45:06 by Mr-Doodle

Gosh darn it, school is coming up. I'm going to High School next year, so that just makes it all the more annoying. I asked Pogobro if he was ready and he said (for some strange reason) "Yeah, I'm plenty ready". I think no person should EVER be ready for all that dumb ass school!!! Besides, then you have more stress in making games and stuff. I'm a living, breathing, human, and I have schoolwork, homework, and the last thing I want to worry about is making some dumb game or something.


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2013-08-12 14:38:30

Pogobro is not ready at all. He also said the exact same thing about games

Mr-Doodle responds:

Yeah but that's normal.:P


2013-08-16 18:30:56

remember dude stay smart and stay fresh high school is fun

Mr-Doodle responds:

I'm trying to stay smart, so I think that will have to put Newgrounds aside.